• Buddha Statues: The Best Feng Shui You Can Gift and Own

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Who was Buddha?

Buddha was a great philosopher who lived in India during the 5th century. He was later considered as a god and a religion evolved around the philosophies of Buddha. The term buddha refers to awakened one or the enlightened one. When Buddhism thrived, the cult of Buddha become popular. It was later absorbed into Hinduism considering him as the 10th avatar of Vishnu. Beyond the norms of religion, there lies buddha - an excellent and beautiful mind, which was the breeding ground of beautiful philosophy and thoughts which were necessary for realising inner self. His thoughts and teachings are relevant even today. The main pillar of his teachings was based on four noble truth which can be achieved by following eightfold path . He advocated middle path. Buddhist teachings inspired art and architecture, in India and southeast Asia. India is the cradle of Buddhism, though the most significant group of followers are in China and southeast Asia. Buddha is the symbol of alternative thought. His teachings were based on self-control and self-knowledge.

What is Buddhism all about?

The main teachings of Buddha:

four noble truth buddha

Four Noble Truth

Life is suffering
Source of suffering is craving
Cure to craving is to overcome craving
The overcoming of craving is achieved through an eight-fold path.

Eightfold Path

eight noble fruth buddha



Interesting Facts Related to Buddha Idol

Buddha statues are perfect home decors. There are different types of buddha statues. Based on the postures and poses , they convey different meaning.
Buddha statues are kept not only by Buddhists for worshiping but also by all who understand and follow his thoughts, which are cardinal aspects for a peaceful and meaningful life.
Interestingly, buddha statues are considered part of Feng Shui . it is considered that the statue of Buddha can transmit positive energy in the place of its location

Laughing Buddha

laughing buddha

• Symbol of good luck, prosperity and abundance
• Where to place: Should be placed facing south-east

 Teaching Buddha

teaching buddha online

• Symbolizes the teaching or the union of wisdom and method, one of Buddha’s teaching methods.

Meditating Buddha 

meditating buddha

• Most common posture used by Buddhist for praying

• Meditation is the way of looking into inner self
• Buddha in meditating posture symbolizes enlightenment.
• Where to place: Should be placed facing East

Blessing Buddha

• Depicts Buddha bestowing fearlessness and compassion
• Idol to keep in office space and home.

Reclining Buddha

Reclining Buddha


• Represents the later age of Buddha
• Helps transition from life to death

Buddha statues can optimize positive energy and can induce new meaning to your life.

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Kalindi Mehta

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