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Ganesha Idol

Happiness, prosperity and good health are the basic essentials of calm and peaceful life. Ganesha is one among the most popular Hindu Gods. The Lord Ganesha is worshipped before initiating any ritual and also before starting any new venture. Idols and images of Ganesha are very popular and in demand even outside India. The Ganesha image with the elephant countenance and pot belly is a wonderful artwork also. The aesthetic sense of Ganapathy's image invokes curiosity and wonder of an art lover. At the same time, the devotion with which Ganapati is worshipped is the most significant aspect.

Ganesha at a Glance

Ganesha has many names. He is known as Vinayaka, Pillayar, Lambodara, Mahodara. He is considered as the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi. He is brother to Lord Karthikeya. He is the lord who brings success, prosperity and removes obstacles. It is a routine in Hindu homes to worship Ganesha before starting anything , including cooking. It is considered that worshiping Ganesha can ward off ill luck and can bring positive favorable energy.

Different types of Ganesha Idols

There are different kinds of Ganesha idol, which is made of different materials which have different connotations and also there are thirty-two types of representation of Ganapathy.

Silver Ganesha - For Fame and Publicity

Wood Ganesha- Good health, long life and success

Clay Ganesha - Success, Removes obstacles

Brass Ganesha - Prosperity and Joy


Rules to Follow When Placing Ganesha Idols in a Home

While keeping the idol of Ganesha at home, one should be careful about the location. While placing it one should try to avoid the below-mentioned position for sure.

1. Not under the staircase.
2. Not to face house entrance so the back of idol faces the rest of house.
3. It is not ideal to keep inside the bedroom.

While installing Ganapathy for worship one should follow certain rules.

  • Should find idol which is not taller than 18 cms.
  • Should not buy idols which have its trunk turned towards the right , because they have to be worshiped with special rituals and daily poojas has to be performed . some it is necessary to make sure only those who can do the Pooja’s without any interruption should only buy this idol at home.

What Ganesha Idol Symbolizes?

 (image: orangecarton dot com)

Ganesha Idol symbolism


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