• Why Agnihotra a Vedic Ritual is Significant Today?

July 13, 2016


Agnihotra is a fire ritual which is performed twice a day. It is a Vedic ritual, performed during the ancient period. During the Vedic period, there were many rituals which were performed with utmost care and precision to invoke the energy of nature. It is considered that it is essential to purify the spiritual and physical pollution aggregated around a human being. Agnihotra is performed in relation to this purpose.

As part of daily routine, many rituals were performed during the vedic period. It was for the physical and mental well-being. Rituals were performed with care and it was very scientific. It has many rules, that has to be performed without making any errors to get the result. The main aim of performing such kind of rituals are to establish a cosmic bond with the power of nature and human. It is a way of connecting the soul and mind to the energy sources of nature.

Ashumath’s Agnihotra is an innovative method to bring the goodness of age-old tradition to the present generation in all its glory, at the same time without much complexities and difficulty. Agnihotra kit has PURE (panacea ultimate for rousing energy) which in turn has two components. Pure Pyramid which is made on the basis of Vedic calculations and Panacea ultimate which is a mixture of several herbs and powder. Panacea Ultimate has to be burned in Pure Pyramid and that releases smoke which can cleanse the air and also mind-body. Daily combustion of Agnihotra can create a protective layer around your habitat.

aushmath agnihotra kit

Significance of Agnihotra Kit

  • It is the best possible way to cleanse your spiritual environment and also it helps in the goodness of health.
  • The age old traditions are really valuable and they are significant because of the depth of scientific understanding it has.
  • Nature is the ultimate source of energy , it is the healer of all kinds of wounds- physical , mental or spiritual
  • The nature-friendly way of life gives peace, happiness, and prosperity
  • The age old traditions are based on the experiences of many generations who inhabited this world before us. So it should be observed with much respect.
  • To enjoy the goodness of tradition in the most convenient way is really an asset.

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