Green and White Lord Gautama Buddha Statue

By DevotionalStore

The word Buddha means the  “awakened one” or the “enlightened one.” Buddha statues helps harness good chi(energy) in your home or living space. In this posture the  Buddha is seated on an altar with both hands on his lap, face up, and the legs crossed in a Double Lotus pose.The meditating Buddha symbolizes attention turned inward.

The statue can be used to decorate the serenity room within your homes for prayers and meditation. Buddha in this posture  is also known as the Amitabha Buddha, which means "Boundless Light."

This refreshing  white and green  statue of  Buddha is made of poly resin and  has a fancy silver pattern on it.  The statue is embellished by dazzling green and silver coloured stones. The best direction to place your Buddha statue  is facing the east on an altar.

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