Hand Painted Kerala Mural Saree Mayoora Nadanam Theme

By DevotionalStore

An exquisite and mythical peacock dancing/Mayoora Natanam mural set on Kerala Handloom Saree that one can flaunt for all types of occasions. Peacocks or Mayura holds a lot of significance in Indian mythologies. The legend has it that the peacock was created from the feather of Garuda and is seen with a lot of admiration. Dancing peacocks are representation of joy and the celebration of nature. Mayoora Natanam holds a lot of significance in dance forms as well. The free hand painting of the Mayoora Nadanam covers most part of the pallu of the saree. The borders of this saree are also enhanced by long curvy designed peacock feathers. This is a must have for all mural lovers.

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