Buddhism in Medieval Srilanka (An Old and Rare Book)

By DevotionalStore
  • EDITION: 1992
  • ISBN: 8170302455
  • PAGES: 280
  • OTHER DETAILS 8.50 X 5.50 INCH
  • WEIGHT 400 GM

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This book opens a new chapter in the field of Buddhist Studies in Sri Lanka which has been dealt with by a number of pioneer scholars. The author's thorough grasp of the Tripitaka and the ancient and medieval Sinhala Literature is clearly manifest in the book especially in the third chapter where he discusses the organization of the Sangha in medieval Sri Lanka. The author reveals that the Trikaya doctrine of the Mahayanists has been given a new interpretation, and a new Kizya viz : knya Kaya has been added to it by Sri Lankan Theravadins like Dham-madinna Vimalakirti, the author of the Saddhamaratnakaraya. Also in this chapter, the author deals with various new developments among the Sangha of Medieval Sri lanka. In the fifth chapter, the author gives not only the history of the monastic educational institutions of the medieval period, but also, for the first time, gives details of their graded courses of studies, curricula, tests and methods of teaching, media of instruction and the library facilities as well. The book is divided into seven chapters. They deals with - Chapter One - Introduction and Sources; Chapter Two - Political Background ; Chapter Three - The Sangha ; Chapter Four - The State and the Sangha ; Chapter Five - Monastic Education; Chapter Six - Relations with other Buddhist Countries ; Chapter Seven - Cults, Rituals, Ceremonies and Festivals. The book contains exhaustive Bibliography, and various Indexes.

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