Gorakshanatha - Mala

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This mala is named after Gorakshanatha, who is said to be the founder of Hatha Yoga, the yoga most popular today. He flourished in the 11th Century as the leader of a group of Yogis called Kanphata who still roam the Himalayas and other parts of Northern India. His image shows Shiva’s trident, hinting at the Shaivite background of Hatha Yoga, but also prayer beads around his neck and sometimes a book, that symbolize learning and concentration.


Black Tourmaline: Protection and Purification. 1st Ch

Labradorite: Intuition and Perseverance. 6th Ch


108 bead mala strung on nylon coated steel wire with a 92.5 silver a Guru bead and an ahimsa silk tassel. It also has a silver pendant with the inscription 'OM Namha Shivaya' the mantra for Lord Shiva.

Silver: 92.5, Stone size: 8.5mm and 6.5mm

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