Shuba Dristi Ganapathy- Framed canvas mural

By DevotionalStore
Drishti Ganapati is a radiant and divine form of Lord Ganesha. It is known for its heavenly power to spread blessings to its devotees.
This very form of Vinayaka is said to have risen for the ultimate good of the people.  Drishti Ganapati is meant to gift transformation to human thoughts, for a greater and better cause.  This Mural Painting has centered Drishti Ganapati (also known as Drishti Vinayaka) and it can be taken under the tag of home decor along with Vastu purposes as well. 
Length:- 35 cm
Width:-   22 cm
  • The 'Drishti Ganapati' Mural Painting portrays one of the most deeply adored forms of Lord Ganesha which itself known as 'Drishti Ganapati'.
  • The painting of 'Drishti Ganapati' when displayed at your home, emanates huge blessings. Ultimately, it transforms your thoughts and therefore holds an irreplaceable position among the top-rated vastu products. 
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