September 12, 2022

Mokkambika Vilakku 

The most significant factor about India is its culture, tradition, and various myths related to it. If you look into the house of any Indian you can see a traditional artifact that has a generational legend based on it. Mookambika Vilakku is a traditional lamp that has a wonderful carving of Goddess Mookambika

Kollur Mookambika temple

Kollur Mookambika Temple has a history of 1200 years and is believed to be built by Lord Parashurama. The temple is the only one that is dedicated to the Goddess Parvathi. Mookambika temple is one of the renowned and auspicious shrines in the Southern part of India. 

The legend says that Goddess Parvathi had killed Kamsasuran, who is also called “Mookasuran”.Goddess Parvathi killed him with her chakra on a Shukla Ashtami night. After this incident, Devi came to be popularly known as Kollur Devi Mookambika.

River Souparnika

River Souparnika flows near Kollur Mookambika Temple. The history of the river is believed to be that Garuda (eagle) called Suparna performed penance on the banks of the river and attained salvation thus the name became Souparnika. The water of the river Souparnika is considered sacred and pure. The water is used in various auspicious rituals. The water is considered holy and is a great part of the Mookambika temple. Taking a dip in the river Souparnika is a customary practice for everyone who visits the Kollur Mookambika temple.

Mookambika Vilakku

Mookambika Aishwarya Deepam is an artfully crafted lamp that symbolizes the lightning lamp on Mookambika Devi’s shrine. It is believed to emanate positive energy and has the power to remove all hurdles and difficulties of life. The Vilakku is also the harbinger that spreads a good vibe that attracts the abundant flow of prosperity and luck. The Vilakku is the epitome of Mookambika Devi’s blessing that has the power to grant anyone prosperity and happiness.

Mookambika Vilakku along with its auspiciousness is a must in every devotee’s household. The real aura of its beauty can only be achieved if it is made in the authentic and pure form, without any artificial man-made substances.


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