• Tips For Safe Diwali Celebrations

October 18, 2016 3 Comments


diwali celebration

Diwali celebration is marked by bustling activities. Buying new dresses, buying diwali sweets , and purchasing Diwali special crackers make Indian Streets flooding with activities. Diwali is a festival of light and crackers. Diwali is India’s favourite festival. It comes with sparks and sounds.
Crackers fascinate people, though there are many anti-cracker campaigns , the popularity for crackers and fireworks are not going down.

  • Store firecrackers away from fire and spark.
  • Keep two buckets of water and sand nearby while lighting crackers and fireworks.
  • Don't light or burst crackers while holding them with your hand
  • Don't burst crackers in closed space, prefer open areas like playground.
  • Keep firecrackers away from the reach of children.
  • Discard used firecrackers and sparklers on a bucket of water, it prevents others to not get hurt unknowingly from used crackers
  • Prefer cotton clothes over synthetic clothes.
  • Wear footwear while lighting fireworks
  • Don't let infants to light crackers.
  • Maintain a hand distance while lighting crackers.


Spirit of Diwali lies in celebrating the festival of light with family and friends. It is all about being together and staying happy.


If you are planning to not give up crackers, make sure that you buy Indian made Crackers and also crackers like sparklers, mild  pot fire and Chakras, that create less pollution.


Diwali can be best celebrated without crackers. By lighting small lamps and diyas for decorating home and its premises. That makes a pollution free diwali which is for the goodness of society and environment. Buy beautiful traditional lamps this season from devotionalstore and ornate your homes .

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shabeer m
shabeer m

July 06, 2019

super such a nice content I have learned more info about the fireworks of Diwali im also searching the best crackers online shopping to celebrate my festival

shabeer m
shabeer m

May 29, 2019

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shabeer m
shabeer m

May 21, 2019

Wow such a nice blog I have learned more info about the Crackers am also searching the best Crackers manufacturers in sivakasi

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