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Mokkambika Vilakku is a beautifully crafted lamp, which signifies the triumph of knowledge over victory and goodness over bad. Each and every symbol of Hindu mythology is related to one or another image that shows the victory of good over bad, which in turn represents the balance of nature.

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Each and every article we use in our daily life has an impact on us. Human life depends on many goods and services available around us. So we should be careful in choosing what to use and what not to.  Mokkambika vilakku has much significance related to its connection with Kollur Mookambika Temple. 


Mookambika temple is located on the banks of Souparnika River which is a beautiful perennial river with fresh water flowing in abundance. The river adds a mystic environment to the temple. It originates in the Kodachadri hills, which is covered in lushly green foliage.

It is here in the midst of this beautiful serene atmosphere the temple that attracts lakhs of pilgrimage a year stands, with all its beauty and majesty. The temple is the last resort of many devotees. The myths, legends and history lie beautifully interwoven and it gives a great legacy to the temple.


The legend goes like this, there lived a demon, Kaumasura, who became powerful after gaining boon from Shiva, and he became rebellious and started to give troubles to all Gods and sages. They took shelter from this Asura at kudajadri.

Meanwhile, the sages and Devagana got news from Shukracharya, that only a woman can annihilate this demon. This made the asura start another penance to Shiva. Knowing this all Gods and Sages become scared .They wanted to stop this demon from gaining more power. But Goddess of Speech, Vagdevi, made him mute and stopped him from gaining more power. Thus, he came to be known as Mookasura.

On the request of sages , Devi mobilized the power of all the Gods and killed Mookasuara, that’s how she gained the name Mookambika.The place where Devi killed Mookasura is called Marana Katte. Since that day, Kollur became the abode of Mookmbika Devi and began to fulfill the wishes of her devotees.

The peculiarity of the Goddess Mokamibka is that she is in the form of Swayambhu Lingam which is a manifestation of Shiva and Shakthi. In the left side of the idol, Parvathi, Saraswathi and Lekshmi reside while on the right side Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. This makes Mookambika the seat of power.

Shankaracharya and Mookambika

There is also a myth relating to Shankaracharya and the temple. It is said that Shankaracharya offered deep prayers to goddess Saraswathi and she appeared before him, he requested to her to come along with him to the Kerala , where no temple was devoted to her. She accepted on one condition that, she will follow him, and he should guide her to Kerala. He just guided her way to Kerala , making sure of her presence by listening to the tinkling of anklet. But when it stopped, he paused to peep at her to know whether she is following him. But this made , Devi to stop near the banks of the river, Sauoparnika, as per the condition.


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Pilgrim Center

All these myths, legends, and beautiful stories make Moookambika an abode of belief for the devotees. Visiting the shrine of Devi is itself a salvation and a blessing to the pilgrims. She is the giver of Knowledge and prosperity. Every year on the occasion of Vidyarambha , thousands of devotees pour into the temple to introduce their kids to letters in the auspicious presence of mother Mokambika, who is also a Vagadevatha.

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Mookambika Vilakku- Blessed by Priest

Here lies the significance of Mookambika Vilakku which has the effect of bringing home blessings of Devi Mookambika. The speciality of this lamp is that each piece of this lamp is blessed by the main temple priest who does Pooja for Devi. Devi herself is the amalgamation of the power of all the thirty-three Crore  Devas.

To lit Sree Kollur Mookambika Aishwarya Deepam is a way to bring in the auspicious energy and vibrancy of Devi’s presence. Mookambika Vilakku aka Sree Kollur Mookambika Aishwarya Deepam is a beautiful piece of art worth keeping and gifting, which ensures prosperity, blessing and security to the devotees.


Mookambika vilakku is an integral part of pooja rooms of many celebrations. The radiance from the lamp gives fortune and prosperity. Veteran actor Mohanlal and K.J Yesudas the singer with mesmerising voice  are just two among many to own this lamp.


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I want to buy mookamika villak please suggest me.

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