• How Maraprabhu is Related to Vastu Shastra and How it Brings Good Luck to Your Home?

July 11, 2016

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Vastu Shastra:

Vastu is a science of architecture. The term Vastu means dwelling place. Vastu Shastra is based on energy from different sources like sun, water, lunar, light, magnetic and wind energy. These energies are significant and they have an influence on human beings. The impact of these energies has a significant role in human life. But it usually remains unnoticed.
Human life is part of this wonderful universe. The life of human beings is balanced by various energies of nature. The influence of energy on human beings affects the life and feelings of human beings. The way energies act differs from place to place, depending upon the location of the place. Vasthu Shastra is a detailed study about these energies and the impact it has on the people.
Vastu analyzes five elements of nature and its interplay. The way it acts on different locations varies. The balancing of this energy is a way to balance human life and emotions. Giving considerable significance to Vastu and building structures can give better energy movement and can help in bringing positive energy and happiness.

Vasthu and Idols

Vastu manifests through idols and symbols also. Idols are symbols of something which has great significance. They are not just piece of art but it has many significance but they are also a channel of good energy. One such idol is Maraprabhu. It is a symbol of devotion, radiant health. Maraprabhu has an interesting myth and history related to it.

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Maraprabhu Myth

Melpathur and Poonthanam were great scholars who were devotees of Guruvayoorappan. They were contemporaries too. At the same time Melpathur was well versed in Sanskrit and he wrote in scholarly language. At the same time Poonthanam also wrote in layman language. Once Poonthanam was reciting Sanskrit slogan and there happened a mistake while reciting. He wrongly recited as ‘Padmanabha Marabrabha ‘which means God of trees, hearing this Melpathur openly laughed at him. To sooth and support poonthanam , Guruvayoorappan intervened as a celestial voice and said, ‘ I am also Maraprabhu ‘.

Maraprabhu Features

Maraprabhu is the world’s largest terracotta idol in the world. it was inaugurated by former Kerala Chief MInister. K. Karunakaran. The sculptor of this huge terracotta is P.V. Ramachandran.The sculptor is considered as the embodiment of all the medicinal plants in the world. It is strongly believed that the idol is very effective in curing ailments which remained incurable after years of treatment. The very sight of the idol itself is considered to emit immense energy that can relieve sickness.

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Maraprabhu Significance

The idol is made of clay and it is a representation of man and earth. The energy that emanates from Maraprabhu will harmonise the human mind and stir inner consciousness. The Maraprabhu idol is located in the sreevalsam complex of guruvayoor. It is constructed using herbs and ghee by labours who worked hard for several months.
Having an idol of Maraprabhu is bringing home all the peculiar cosmic radiance of Guruvayoor MaraprabhuIt is a pleasure to make Maraprabhu idol available for purchase through Devotionalstore.

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