• Interesting Stories About Lord Ganesha

September 20, 2016

Lord Ganesha is the lord of success . Ganesh is known by different names. He is one among the most popular 5 Hindu Gods, others being Shiva, Vishnu, Devi and Krishna. Ganesha is considered as the son of Shiva and parvathi.

ganesha idol

Who is Ganesha?

Ganesha was made by Parvathi from the dirt of her body . Shiva was meditating on the Kailash and was away from Parvathi. She was spending her time along with her maids. She created a boy and made him guard the door before going to take bath - that was Ganapathy. She made Ganapathi out of her sweat and appointed him as the guardian. Shiva happened to come from Kailash to visit Parvathy at the same time. When he was about to enter her abode , he was stopped by a small boy. Even after trying to convince the boy that shiva was Parvathy’s husband, the boy was not ready to let Shiva in and this act made Shiva furious.He slew head of that small boy. By this time Parvathi came to know that her son was slayed by Shiva. Parvathy became worried and angry. Shiva ordered his Shiva Gana to behead the first thing that come across there way. They came across a baby elephant, which was slayed by them and its head was fixed on to Ganesha’s head.


Ganesha Festival

Ganesha's birthday is known as Ganesha Chaturthi. It is celebrated in pomp and show throughout India. Many rituals are associated with Ganesha Chathurthi, A ten day Pooja is observed .



Ganesha Chaturthi is the birthday of Ganesha. An idol of Ganesha is made and 10 days Pooja has to be observed. On 10th day the idol will be dissolved in water body.

Music and dance are played throughout the celebration. A whole new energy of love, devotion and togetherness is generated throughout this period.

Why Ganesha Idol is dissolved in Ocean?

The ritual of dissolving Ganesha in water is the symbolic representation that what originates from absolute goes back to absolute. The ritual of dissolving Ganesha in the past was little different from the present.

Ganesha Festival

The idols were made of clay and they were dissolved in nearby water bodies - rivers, lakes and ponds.

There are many ideas behind dissolving the Idol in water which has significance related to nature and spirituality.

Why worship Ganesha?

  • Ganesha wards off evil.
  • Ganesha brings good luck.
  • Ganesha is the lord of success
  • Ganesha’s virtue is wisdom. 

Why it is necessary to celebrate eco-friendly Ganesh Chathurthi?

  • Use of chemicals and non-degradable things for making idols , create severe damage to environment. Avoid such kind of idols.
  • Music should not be played very loud. The norms set by the Government should be followed.


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