• Mirrors Of Aranmula- Why it is so Special to Own an Aranmula Kannadi?

June 29, 2016 9 Comments

 What is special About Aranmula Kannadi?

Aranmula Kannadi(mirror) is not just a smooth surface that reflects our image, it is much more than that.It also has a significant place in mythologies.There are many facts, stories, myths and superstitious beliefs associated with mirror.

A mirror is an interesting object.It is considered as a good omen in some mythology and folklore, at the same time it is considered as a bad omen too (especially the broken mirror).

devotionalstore aranmula kannadi

Aranmula Kannadi is a traditional handmade mirror. Aranmula Kannadi has several features which make it unique. The mirror has front end reflection, unlike the normal mirror . This mirror is made of metal alloy. Moreover, the art of mirror making is kept as a secret and the secret formula is known only to a single extended family.


It is made in Aranmula. Aranmula is a small temple village situated on the banks of river Pampa, Pathanamthitta. Aranmula is associated with temples and many other rituals. This place is the venue of famous traditional snake boat regatta . Aranmula is a global heritage site enlisted by UNESCO. Aranmula has many temples which are associated with each other in one way or another. Parthasarathy Temple is the most prominent temple.


parthasarathy temple

Parthasarathy Temple

Parthasarathy temple is an ancient temple . Krishna is the main deity. Parthasarathy is another name of Krishna. Krishna was the charioteer of Parthan (Arjuna) at the time of Mahabharata. It is one of the important Krishna temples in Kerala. This temple is connected to the Mahabharata legend. It is believed that after the crowning of Parikshit, the son of Abhimanyu as the prince, the Pandavas left Hastinapur and they travelled throughout India. It is believed that Arjuna took a bath in holy river Pamba in remorse of killing unarmed Karna. There are also other myths related to this temple. According to one legend, Arjuna built this temple.

aranmula boat race

Boat Race

Aranmula village is interwoven with many interesting traditions. One such event is boat race, popularly called as Aranmula Vallamkali. The boat race happens in the month of August- September, on the occasion of Onam celebration. It is a great attraction for tourist. People from different parts of Kerala gather on the banks of Pamba to witness this charging event. It is a traditional competition, which has the spirit of the inhabitants of the land.

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All one need to know about Aranmula Kannadi

The most significant feature of this land is nothing other than the beautiful handmade mirror which has myths and stories attached to its secret formula.This piece of handicraft has given fame and name to this small beautiful village. It will be interesting to know the significance of Aranmula kannadi and also to know why it is unique and popular.

  • It gives distortion free image 
  • The mirror is made of metal and not of glass, like the silicon glass mirror.
  • The making of mirror is known only to four families
  • Image from Aranmula Kannadi is reflected from upper surface, unlike the bottom layer reflection of normal mirror
  • Aranmula Kannadi gives real image
  • It is unique mainly because of the secrecy associated to its making 
  • It is also one among the eight auspicious items included in ashtamangalyam set.


aranmula mirror


Aranmula Kannadi Myth

This mirror has many myths attached to it. It is said that the ancestors of the family of artisans making Aranmula Kannadi were from Tamil Nadu and they were engaged in constructing a temple and they were skilled in architecture and metallurgy. To create a wonderful and unique crown, the artisans kept experimenting, and they accidentally got a combination which has high reflection power, and they made a crown out of that. Meanwhile, they were not able to understand the combination of the crown because it came out of an accident. Artisans were disappointed at the loss of formula and they were depressed. The myth goes like this, that Goddess Meenakshi appeared in the dreams of an elderly lady in that family and shared the secret formula to her.

It is necessary to have a very auspicious environment at home and also especially at the time of rituals. Aranmula Kannadi is considered one such thing which welcomes good vibes and brings positive energy. Make Aranmula Kannadi part of your Pooja Room or Front room and experience the positive signs it brings. It is a symbol of divinity, prosperity , positive energy. It is also a perfect piece of art which can be used as an auspicious home decor. Own aranmula kannadi to bring peace, prosperity and health.

Best location to keep Aranmula Kannadi at home

Pooja Room
East facing direction

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Aranmula Kannadi
Aranmula Kannadi

February 21, 2018

Thanks for the very detailed review about aranmula kannadi.
you can read www.aranmulakannadi.org for more details


November 05, 2017

I read about that mirror in eenadu magazine in the past. Iwant to know the speciality of that mirrror ..
Through google iam able to see that mirror.thank you

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