• Top 10 Ideas For Best Christmas Decorations

December 21, 2016

December is the month of Celebrations. There are only a few more days for the most awaited day of this month - Christmas. Christmas unwraps with lots of surprises. December is the month of family get togethers and it's a month of gift exchange.


xmas gift

The snowfall and spirit of Christmas make this season very special. The Christmas and New Year eve make December a month of gifts. The exchange of gifts among family and friends keeps you busy running from post to pillar. It is the way of expressing love and happiness. It is also a season of celebration and decoration. Here are few ideas that you can use to give more color to the celebration and decoration.

1. Paper Cups With Sequel Light

Paper Cups with Sequel light

Paper Cups can be used as a shade around every small bulb in the serial light and can be fixed to the ground or onto the wall. That looks more beautiful and innovative.

2. Socks Stuck To Shirt


You can turn your normal T-shirt to Christmas Special costume just by attaching a pair of socks to the front side.

3. Newspaper Perfect Gift Wrapper

Newspaper perfect gift wrapper

There is no need to hunt for gift wrap to wrap the gift boxes, the magazine papers and newspaper makes the perfect wrapping. A small strip of ribbon tied beautifully around make it look perfect.

4. Flower Pot Turned Reindeer

Flower pot turned reindeer

A brown flower pot with a little bit of painting is a perfect reindeer. Twigs fixed to the soil makes it look perfect.

5. Beer Bottles Can Be Turned To Perfect Decor Lamps

beer bottle

The serial lamp can be inserted into a beer bottle which can be connected to a plug point.

6. Wine Glass Turned Candle Holder

wine glass

Wine glass with a flat base, when inverted, is a perfect candle holder.

7. Newspaper Wreaths

Newspaper Wreaths

Christmas decoration begins with a beautiful wreath at doors. One can make wreaths by folding newspaper roll then by twisting it with tinsel around it and by affixing few flowers to it.

8. Bottle Art

Bottle Art

Bottles are perfect things to show your creativity. Take a clean bottle, spray paint it with your favorite colors, to go a step far, trace a picture over it and draw with a marker, it makes a perfect Christmas special addition.


9. Socks Perfect Sachets To Stuff Gifts And Hang

santa socks gift

Socks can be used to hang gifts around the decoration and it is also an ideal holder for gifts to your friends.


10.   DevotionalStore’s Christmas Collections 

Last but not the least to make your Christmas special buy beautiful items to decorate your homes from DevotionalStore.  Check DevotionalStore’s Christmas collections.

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