• Top 5 Traditional Sarees from Kashmir to Kanyakumari

September 09, 2016


 Kerala Saree


Saree is the traditional and peculiar attire of Indian women, it has earned worldwide fame and name. There are different types and varieties of sarees. The way it is draped varies from one place to another. There are unlimited types of designs. Saree is a unique cloth. It is usually a 5m long cloth. It suits the need of all kind of body. It is the peculiarity of sarees. Any saree is enough for all kinds of body shapes (tall, short , fat or thin). So it is an ideal gift for a women. There are different materials in which sarees are made like silk, cotton, nylon, jute, crepe, georgette. Patterns vary from region to region. The colors patterns also varies according to tradition, custom and culture . 


      A Peek Into Indian Culture: Traditional Sarees

      Every state of India has its own breed of Saree. Sarees are the most favourite attire of indian women. This sensuous attire steals the attention of indian womenfolk and majority of Indian women are enchanted by sarees.


      #1. Banarasi Saree

       Banarasi Saree

      Banarasi Saree is the most popular saree from India. It is known for its rich quality. It is known for its rich thread work. 

      #2.Kancheepuram Pattu Saree


      Kancheepuram Pattu Saree

      In Tamil Nadu , Pattu Chelai is its own product. Kancheepuram Pattu is known for its quality. It is made of pure mulberry silk. Kanchipuram silks are unique for its handspun mode of production.

      #3.Kota Saree


      kota saree


      Kota Sarees from Rajasthan is an outcome of hot climate of Rajasthan, Kota sarees are light and airy.

      #4.Bengali Saree


      Bengali Saree

      Traditional Bengali Saree is made of cotton and is white in colour with dark red border.

      #5.Traditional Kerala Saree

      traditional saree

      The traditional kerala saree is most simple and elegant. It is usually an off white or cream colour saree with golden border. More traditional version is two piece garment ,when worn look like a saree.

      Every saree is an art work, because of the vibrant colour and pattern it has. Saree is an ideal canvas.
      People with artistic flair has tried various ideas on sarees. Combining mural art , Kalamkari print, warli painting , Ikat design which is an exclusive tradition of Orissa on different saree types are made as an outcome of fusion of different arts on Saree.

      Traditional Kerala Saree in New Avatars.


      Kerala Saree online

      Traditional kerala Mural Art: Mural works are usually done in walls. Traditional Kerala mural art has faces of Gods and Goddess. Krishna and Radha are the main theme of mural arts. Mural art on kasavu saree gives an outstanding and gorgeous look to the saree. It appears graceful and divine.

      kerala clothing
      Full Tissue Saree: In contrast to the golden border , full tissue saree has golden thread throughout the saree body. It looks captivating and awesome. It is a new way to look outstanding in the crowd.

      Peculiarities of Wearing Saree!

      • One size fits all. 
      • Same Saree can be worn in different ways. 
      • It suits the climate, depending on the fabric it can be used for both dry and cold climate.
      • Saree lets you stay trendy and traditional 

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