• 5 Essential Reasons for Idol Worship

August 03, 2016

1. Idols are the representation of Gods. They give an image for the devotees to offer prayer and also an image for spiritual communication. An image of God gives inner strength to imagine in adverse times and also an idol is a blissful presence  in the space we live.

Ganesha Idol

ganesha idol


2. If a person can surrender himself with childlike faith in front of an idol, it signifies his/ her deep belief and total absence of egoistic attitude.Human beings should consider spirituality as a way to connect to one’s own inner self . Worshipping idol is just a small step in this process of spiritual realization.

ayyappa Idol

ayyappa idol



3. God is omnipresent and only by learning to understand and see God even in small things,  a person can attain spiritually enlightened. God is everywhere and in everything. One should learn to see it even in small idols.

Bhagavad Gita quotes


4. Idols are a symbolic representation of various characters and phenomenon. For eg: Ganesha image represents several things.Each and every representation has many stories and ideologies to tell and they  symbolically represent the meaning of what they stand for.


Ganesha Statue Brings Positive Energy and Wealth for Your Home

ganesha idol


5. Idols are the embodiment of energy. They channelize positive energy and bring meaning and prosperity . Each and everything has energy. Sacred Idols radiate powerful positive energy.

Kamadhenu Idol


gomatha idol



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